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Track Name: The Crimson Wind
Fighting on the fields
and most will never return
all foes controlled
so they will all burn

Take your side
and decide
where you'll forever stand or fall

How did you get to the relic inside so easily?
In secrecy
Elusive chance is finally on your side

You have somehow obtained the Crimson Amulet
Control is the power that will guide you
Now you know supremacy
You were cast in the dark for so long
Track Name: Panic in Serpents Hold
Escapism and silent cries
Tearing through tormented minds
There is no return from this
No turning back so the chase persists
through the trees - keeping grip
Pulsating red from your fist

Panic in defeat
Vanquishing the fleets
Feel their thoughts destroyed
To the darkest depths deployed
Asking "Why?" - dead eyes
Until you realize
you have the power now

This is only a pre-cursor
to what's in store
This will go oh so much further than this

In time I'll be the one
to raise the fallen sun

The sun is burning from the inside out
So I will use her to stop time

In time I'll be the one
to raise the fallen son
Track Name: The Last Battle
Through desert towns and lost terrain
All paths have led us here
In stone huts and establishments
We've stocked on weed and gear

No regret, no option to have fear
No chance to keep in tact
'cause one of us will disappear

I hear the voices screaming
into the cold dark night
My soul is screaming
"Time to fight!"
Like this mystical dream
you will disappear
This is The Last Battle

The mental tactics of your game
I've solved you every time
So many wins have been declared
but this one shall be mine

Our threads of destiny are tangled; intertwined
I'll survive, control your mind,
and make you end the never-ending

(Solo: Zeomne)

As he looked down at the fading hunter,
his mind writhing in disbelief
He realized the only who could prevent total conquest
had fallen in defeat
Track Name: Unraveling the Frenzy
I will kill everyone in my way
That tries to stop me now
From becoming the God of this new world

I eliminate my enemies
Engulfing resistance
Judgment; sentencing
As though I bear a crimson key

This amulet has opened doors
That you could never see
Only mistakes can stop me now
Only I can defeat myself
Like you did to everyone else
Forced suicide
Track Name: Ogre Den
Deep in the red forest trees
We are the slime that rage with the beasts
It's an atrocity to claim what we kill
Blood rage in tact for the thrill

We have arrived

Into the silence of the dungeons of deceit
At war with the ogres you will cease to be

Don't give a fuck about your life
Lost forever
You will be gone within the night
Leave our land before things get ugly

Into the siege

The relic had fallen at their feet
Never knowing the power of the stone

Mystical sirens of the ocean of Despair
warn of the ogres
Chaos trembles through the air

Like tyrants of the caverns
Wheels are rolling through ashes
Still hiding - lost terrain
We'll attack when they're least expecting danger


The wind blows through the grove of hate
We the dethroned
Formed in a red forge
Stones as scorched as our eyes
Tusks dig through the dead meat
Track Name: Rogue
I am just another lost rogue
Working in disdain
For my chance to get what I deserve

Necessity of thievery
This is my lowly destiny

I will take all I can

I've only got got one chance
I am nothing without this

I am now the one to fear
Controlling your mind
Track Name: Anataboshi (Milky Way Cover)
Atama no hoshi-tachi no naka de
Kirari hikaru shiruetto

Sono sugata hitome mita yoru ni
Yakitsuite shimatta wa

Marude mujuuryoku no naka de
Fuwari ukabu shichueeshon

Fukaku ni mo koi ni ochita no yo
Kono sora mo uwa no sora

Hitori dake ja setsunai kimochi mo
Futari de nara wakeaeru
Sannin nara senaka wo osarete
Yuujou aijou anata ni chokkou

San ni ichi zero!
Dasshu suru kara
Anata no sono tonari kiipu shite
Hora itsu no hi ka tadoritsuku no yo
Mada tooi anataboshi

Ichi ni no san de
Waapu suru kara
Watashi no kono omoi kanaete ne
Ima sugu soko ni tadoritsuku no yo
Nan senoku kounen no mada haruka kanataboshi

Atama no naka hiraitemirya
Yonroku jichuu kare no koto

Sono sugata hitome mita dake de
Barebare yo shimatta wa

Marude kyoumi ga nai furi shite
Toorisugiru sutoriito

Fushizenna arukikata wo suru
Kono koi ha kanau no ka?

Hitori sukoshi shinkokyuu wo shite
Futarikiri de "Hanasanai?"
Sannin dake no himitsu kaigi shite
Yuujou aijou anata ni koudou

Man ga ichi demo ubaito suru kara
Anata no sono tonari enryo shite
Hora itsu no hi ka tadoritsuku no wo
Inotteta nagareboshi

Ichikabachika no janpu suru kara
Watashi no kono omoi uketomete
Mou sugu soko ni tadoritsuku no yo
Un sen'oku kounen no
Kyori wo koe Anataboshi
Track Name: Betrayal (The Secret Enemy)
You are to me everything I pretended to be
As the hunter draws near I return to being
the true force; the one you can't control
Without the use of magic - the truth untold
I told her I would always protect
Now I watch as she's slashed at the neck

Still hiding, keep waiting
You are the deepest threat to me
Cold sadist
You are my secret enemy

Kill me if you can find me
Guessing so blindly
Never knowing you were right there beside me
I see beyond your scars
You removed my worst threat
Now I know who you are

I'm the one that you've sought for so long
Claim your glory
You've only vanquished a weak, false icon

Death has fallen upon you
Mine comes before dishonor

Trust will be your end

I kept my enemies closer
She was my biggest threat
That's why I chose her

In her death the hunter is revealed
I see his thoughts
So much to steal
and now it's you and me
(Time to die)